About Us

Nahr al-Khair Company
Company for Agricultural Investment and Environmental Services

Egyptian shareholding company subject to the provisions law guarantees and incentive issued by law no. 8 of 1997.

Objectives of Nahr Al-Khair Company

Sectors of

Nahr El Khair Company

Jobs Chances

The company provides many job opportunities, as the company includes approximately (2600) workers and administrators

The company occupies the first place at the level of the Republic in reaching and winning the number of governmental and private tenders.

Vision of
Nahr Al-Khair Co.

For Nahr Al-Khair Company to be the leader in the field of agricultural development and investment in Egypt, and to have leadership in the service sector, with the work it offers that serve the individual and society, and that Nahr Al-Khair become the first and safe haven for investors looking to invest their money in companies.

Message of
Nahr Al-Khair Co.

Nahr Al-Khair Company seeks to have a clear and effective role in supporting the country’s economy through the investment projects it provides to the individual and society, as well as through the service and environmental works it provides to all sectors of society.

Board of Directors of

Nahr Al-Khair

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Rafqi

Chairman of Board of Directors

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Sayed

Managing Director

Mr. Ahmed Mamdouh Mohamed

The board of directors is non-executive

Mr. Wissam Mahmoud Al-Saeed

Chairman Non-Executive Board Member

Mr. Abdel-Aty Seddik Ahmed

Independent board member

Mr. Linda Magdy Mounir

Independent board member

Mr. Hisham Abdel-Rasoul Ali

Independent board member

Mr. Medhat Mohamed Hassan

The board of directors is independent

Values of Nahr Al-Khair


In everything that Nahr Al Khair Company provides to its customers, whether it is in the agricultural, service or animal production sectors


With all the quality standards in our services and investments


Where we keep up with everything that is new and useful to serve our customers


Working with love and sincerity in what we offer to earn the trust of our customers