Company Sectors

Animal Production

It is one of the important sectors within the company, as the company aims to raise the largest number of sheep and goats of indigenous and rare breeds.

The farm is located in the “Minya Governorate”, which includes a huge number of municipal sheep and rare breeds. The most important thing that distinguishes our farms from other farms is that it is an original country and has a high productivity of dairy and meat, where feeding is carried out according to the proper nutrition programs that are carried out by specialists in this field and what distinguishes our investment The animal is also the natural pasture and pasture on which sheep feed, for example, the rare breeds of sheep “Al-Assaf- Rahmani-Al-Barqi” and goats “Al-Bor-Ajami-Shami”.

Al Boor and Shami goats

It is an improved breed for the production of meat. It is distinguished by its white color with a brown head and neck, and its births are very high, and may reach “four births” during twice a year, and its meat is characterized by low fat and dense meat.

Baladi Sheep

Municipal sheep are divided into sheep and goats, and they are of the original municipal type that feed on the best types of fodder, natural vitamins and alfalfa, under very high medical care and immunizations from diseases that sheep are exposed to.

Al Assaf Sheep

They are sheep that resulted from the mixing of two breeds, “Awassi and East Friesian”, they are distinguished by their white color, medium staple wool, and high milk production, which arrived to “450 liters” per year, in addition to their ability to give twins birth.

Shami Goates

Shami goats have been able to spread, live and produce efficiently since long periods of time in all environments around the world, and the Shami goats are called golden-hooved goats. The Shami goat are also characterized by their high production of milk, as they produce a “ton” of milk during one season and are characterized by their productivity for twins, triples and fourth birth, and their meat is one of the best types of meat, especially the Capricorn, whose weight at the age of one year reaches “50%” of productivity.