Company Sectors

Service Sector

Nahr al-Khair Company for Agricultural Investment and Environmental Services” works through a group of trained workers in the general hygiene of facilities, state organs, companies, factories, hospitals, public facilities, exhibitions, airports, ports, commercial centers and waste collection

This is done using the latest methods and techniques of the modern era, with the provision of the latest devices and equipment for this purpose, with the best pesticides that do not harm the environment and humans, and with the increasing confidence of customers in our institution, all of which makes us always keen to maintain the level of performance and high efficiency.

The service sector departments are also numerous to include


The company is interested in providing the necessary manpower for cleaning work and trained in hotels and trained to use the latest equipment for cleaning work. It is also interested in providing the necessary materials for cleaning:

  1. All facades of aluminum, marble, glass and marble polishing with the latest machines
  2. Flooring, whether it is parquet, ceramic, vinyl, granite or marble.
  3. Peeling and polishing of all types of parquet