Company Sectors

Agricultural Investment

The importance of agricultural investment comes from the human need for products that are extracted from the land and not to dispense with agricultural products, including vegetables, fruits and trees. 

Therefore, Nahr Al-Khair Company for Agricultural Investment was one of the first Egyptian shareholding companies since 2011, which seeks to apply everything new regarding agricultural investment in terms of advanced irrigation systems, water extraction and renewable energy through scientific means, technical capabilities and natural fertilizers. By a group of specialized engineers and technicians in all fields and trained technical cadres to reach the best results.

In order to obtain high-quality products, the company sought to choose the best lands for production in terms of soil fertility and ability to produce, and it was one of the best lands owned by the company with an area of 8,666 acres, “west of Minya, the one and a half million acres project.

The company’s investments in the agricultural sector are represented in the cultivation of many areas, whether with trees, such as: lemons, figs, and olives, as well as winter crops such as beets, wheat, barley, and summer crops such as sorghum and others.