Company Sectors

Fish Production

Fish wealth in Egypt is considered one of the most important sources of national income, as well as a source of safe protein that provides nutritional needs, develops other industries alongside it, and increases job opportunities. 

Aware of the importance of fish farming and its effectiveness in increasing the national output of fish, thereby increasing the average per capita share of animal protein and reducing the fish food gap, the Al Ahly Group for Modern Agriculture Company, which was acquired by Al Nahr Al Khair for Agricultural Investment Company, in which Al Nahr Al Khair owns about 75%, has established 13 fish ponds initially on an area of ​​about 10 feddans with an expected production capacity of up to 4,000 tons of fish, including tilapia, basa, mullet, and catfish.

In continuation of the board of directors’ direction to make 2024 a qualitative shift for the company in terms of multiple sources of income, the company has completed the process of obtaining a license for the fish farm project from the Prime Minister’s Office through the National Fisheries Development Authority on January 3, 2024, with an initial capacity of up to 2 million fish fry. The company will work to operate the farm and transform it into a productive farm as soon as possible, in line with the state’s direction to expand the provision of multiple local sources of food, whether vegetables, fruits, sheep, and also fish, to rationalize reliance on imports.

Fish farming at Al Nahr Al Khair for Agricultural Investment Company and Al Ahly Group for Modern Agriculture relies on groundwater, which is considered one of the best types of water for fish farming, especially from a microbiological standpoint. This is because groundwater is free of any pathogens and does not contain any pollutants, whether they are from plant or animal organisms or from unwanted fish that enter the ponds with water from other sources.